Mediation as an Alternative to Court Based Dispute Resolution

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Why Mediation?

The most common alternative to court based dispute resolution is Mediation. In a mediation, both sides come

together to reach an agreement, with the guidance and advice of a training mediator.

Mediation has many advantages over going to court.

attorney mediators

  • Mediation is collaborative, where everybody works towards a solution, as opposed to adversarial court, where one person tries to “win” and both often lose.
  • Court requires attorneys and has rules that cut off communication between the parties, Mediation promotes communication and openness.
  • Mediation is not binding, while a Court makes orders.
  • Courts are limited in their scope of remedies, Mediation comes to flexible solutions.
  • Court proceedings can take years and be very expensive, while Mediation can come to quick and economical solutions.
  • While Court is public, MEDIATION IS PRIVATE.

Mediation for Family Disputes & Divorce

child custody mediation

Family issues have a level of complexity beyond facts and numbers. The Courts are not designed to account for

family dynamic or address the underlying emotional causes of family issues.

Mediation can be a much faster and cheaper way of resolving divorce, custody and post judgment issues.

Privacy is an important factor in family dispute mediation as it helps keep other people out of family business.

Mediation for Business Disputes

business partner dispute resolution

The adversarial nature of Court pits individuals against one another and can result in the breakdown of business relationships.

In an employee dispute this could lead to termination. In a contract dispute to the loss of a profitable business relationship. In a co-owner dispute to the death of the business.

Mediation can help save business relationships and keep businesses running. Privacy and Expediency are an added bonus.

Why Hire Glouzgal Law PLLC as Your Mediators?

Our Mediation Attorneys use their experience within their respective fields to help our clients come to mutually beneficial solutions to their disputes. We have represented numerous clients in negotiations in both family issues and business disputes. Any trained mediators can facilitate conversation, identify positions and interests, and walk the middle-ground. As attorneys we are additionally trained to see the totality of the circumstance, the arguments from both sides. We can then address the relative strengths and weakness from a legal perspective as well as know the likely eventual outcome if the two sides went to court. This gives us a far more complete understanding of the situation than regular mediators.