Refinance Closing Lawyer

Why refinance?

There are multiple reasons to refinance. Here are some reasons people refinance their home:

  1. To get a lower interest rate;
  2. To get a lower monthly payment by extending the length of the loan;
  3. To shorten the length of their loan to 10 or 15 years;
  4. To get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance;
  5. To cash out some of their accrued equity to fix up the home, pay for college, pay of medical bills, etc.;
  6. They have an issue or concern regarding their current lender.

No matter your reason for refinancing, Glouzgal Law PLLC can assist you through the entire refinance process. We will work closely with your lender and a title company to get your refinance closed in a timely manner.

If you are in need of an attorney to conduct your refinance closing, please contact us today.

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