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Glouzgal Law PLLC Offers 3 Options for Probate Estate Settlement Attorney Fees

If you have a loved one who has passed and entrusted you with the administration of their estate you might consider hiring an attorney to assist with the process.

At Glouzgal Law PLLC we offer Probate Estate Settlement Services in Connecticut, New York State and New York City.

One of the main concerns you may have is how the estate is going to pay for those legal fees.

We offer our probate estate clients three different options for legal fees so that the client can choose the option that they feel most comfortable with. Clients can choose from these options:

  1. Hourly Billing – For clients who don’t want to guess at how much work will be involved, and would prefer to pay hourly for the exact work performed, we offer standard hourly billing. We charge $350 per hour for attorneys and $175 per hour for paralegals.
  2. Flat Fee – For clients who want to know exactly what their exposure will be, we offer a flat dollar amount for the entire probate estate settlement process; our engagement letter will identify exactly which services are covered.
  3. % of Estate Value – For clients who don’t want to worry about being billed hourly for phone calls and e-mails, and don’t want to guess at whether the flat fee is a good deal for the Estate, we offer a billing based on the final value of the estate. Depending on the estimated value, we usually charge between 2 and 3 percent of the value.

If you are looking for a probate attorney, have questions about the probate process or how we can help, please give us a call at 203-885-0500.