How much will a divorce cost? – Divorce Frequently Asked Questions


Divorce Frequently Asked Questions #1

How Much Will A Divorce Cost?

Perhaps the most common question we get from our new divorce clients is: How much will my divorce cost?

What divorce clients need to understand is that every divorce is as unique as every marriage. As some marriages are more complicated than others, some divorces are more complicated than others.

The more complicated and intertwined the marriage and family circumstances, the longer it will be necessary to form a picture of the family lifestyle, and the longer the attorneys will have to spend in negotiating sessions. The more hours we as attorneys have to put into your case to give you diligent representation, the greater your attorneys fees will be, and the more the divorce will cost.

Some factors that may complicate the divorce process and drive up cost are:

  • does the couple own real estate?
  • does the couple jointly own a business?
  • does the couple have children? are the children still in the house?
  • does the couple own a lot of personal property that is important to both people?
  • does one person make all of the families income?

There are many more factors that can complicate a divorce, but those are the most common and will give you a good idea of how complicated your divorce will be if you have to split up the assets listed above.

The only way for us to give you a better idea of how much your divorce will cost is by having a consultation where we can look at your specific situation. Even then it will only be an estimate, and the estimate will only be as good as you thoroughness and honesty.